The word empower means to encourage and support the ability to do something. It also means to make someone stronger and more confident.

Why us?

We’re committed. Committed to listening to you. Committed to digging deep to find your unique angle. Committed to spreading your story to the world.

Our promise to you

As our client you should always feel that you get the latest, most updated and relevant knowledge. That you’ll be handed well-founded insights. That you can be confident in knowing that you’ll get the extra resources when needed.

Our promise in a nutshell? To be a truly strengthening force for you.




We are a part of Nowagruppen - a group consisting of 12 companies based in Gothenburg, Stockholm and Oslo. We are in total 70 employees, working together every day to bring you the best solutions communication has to offer.

International network

We are also members of The Network One, with about 900 member companies globally, and PR World Alliance, with 17 independent PR companies in Europe, USA and Asia. With these powerful networks we can assist you with qualified PR and communication services worldwide.